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"After years of neck and back pain, my symptoms began to inhibit my everyday life. I decided to make an appointment with Professional Orthopaedic Associates since my sons and other family members were established patients, and I chose Dr. Cohen since he specializes in spine issue. I really thought this first appointment would establish me as a patient "just in case" my condition should become more severe. After my initial appointment and subsequent MRI, Dr. Cohen explained that surgery would be my best option. I was surprised, but based on what my "untrained" eye could easily see on the MRI, I knew having the surgery sooner would be better than later. We scheduled the surgery which went very well, and eight weeks later, I'm happy to report that my recovery is going very well. I was surprised at how quickly I was able to drive, return to work, and remove the dreaded "neck brace." The entire staff at Professional Orthopaedics treated me very well as did the staff at Monmouth Medical. I should also add that Dr. Cohen has a very kind and confident demeanor, which I found comforting." – Theresa C.   

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