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"I met Dr. Bade over15 years ago when he operated on my knee. I had previously gone for a first opinion to another orthopaedic doctor. When I explained that the other doctor wanted to realign my knee, Dr.  Bade strongly disagreed and said that I should not allow anyone to do that. He explained that the knee is like a traverse rod that runs smoothly. When you realign it, it will not run as smoothly as it should. I felt comfortable with the advise he gave me and he did my surgery soon after. Well, Dr. Bade was correct. It's been at least 15 or more years since then and I haven't had any problems since then. In recent years, I have gone to him for a hip problem and more recently, a shoulder problem. His careful examinations and correct diagnosis of my problems have been the key to my successful health outcome in each case. I have recommended Dr. Bade to many of my friends and coworkers in the Manalapan school system over the years and everyone has come back to thank me for recommending him. They all feel lucky to have found such a good and honest man as well as the best orthopaedic surgeon in our area. I might add that he never rushes you during his office visits. He takes as long as necessary to complete his diagnosis and he also takes the time to chat about life in general. I like that in a doctor. Most doctors today barely give you a chance to speak and rush you out the door. Dr. Bade is not that type of doctor. He is so respectful." - Annabella S.

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