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"This past February I started to develop pain in the back of my shoulder that just wouldn't go away. well, after several visits to the Chiropractor with no results and now numbness and pain setting in on my arm and fingers it was suggested that I might have a neck problem which was clearly evident in the MRI. I had a severe herniation of the disc between C6 and C7. After meeting with Dr. Cohen it became clear that the surgery was a real possibility to eliminate my chronic symptoms. we tried two epidural injections that unfortunately didn't work so surgery became the solution on July 15th. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous. in the past, I've had a few minor orthopedic surgeries and never gave it a thought but when you're dealing with the spinal cord, neck and nerves, you start to think. Dr. Cohen took the time to explain the procedure in great detail with all the options available and after much consideration chose a procedure know as ACDF. I remember waking up in the recovery room after surgery completely pain free in my arm and hand with very little discomfort relating to the surgery. I was home within 24 hours and walking outside within a day, walking 4 miles per day within two weeks. I'm now going on my third week back to doing things I never thought would be possible so soon after surgery. I can thank Dr. Cohen and his staff for providing the best attention, care and treatment. It really made the difference and I will always be grateful to Dr. Cohen for his personal attention and outstanding bedside manner." – Jeffrey S. 

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