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"Words cannot express how grateful I am to Dr. Jason Cohen. I was in excruciating back pain because of a herniated disc and very nervous about getting surgery. The only thing I could do without pain was lie flat or stand straight. Any sitting , bending, sneezing, etc was intense pain. Dr. Cohen got me in right away, his team got me an MRI that same day and he explained the procedure to me and told me that he could get me out of pain. I trusted him and his team and they did just that! In a very short time frame, I was back to paddleboarding, yardwork, yoga and beach volleyball. NO Restrictions!! I got my life back, pain free!! The other HUGE component was that his team verified my insurance for me (something you really don't feel like doing when you are in that much pain) and there was very little out of pocket expense! Life is too short to be in pain when you have a surgeon like Dr. Cohen around. He's the best!!! Feel so blessed. Thanks again Dr. Cohen!!!" – Elizabeth

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