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Before I met Doctor Torpey, whenever I held my two toddlers I had a huge Charlie horse in my leg. It was heart breaking (explaining why I had to put them down), but the toughest part was not knowing why it was so painful. Brian (Doctor Torpey) explained to me what a labrum was and why I had pain for what seemed like no reason at all. As a life-long swimmer, hip pain was new to me. After he explained the procedure and the rehabilitation, I chose the Labrum reconstruction surgery. I was in and out in one afternoon. In my follow up visit, he walked me through the surgery performed (picture by picture) and showed me the repair that was done. After a few months of p/t, and a few visits back to Professional Orthopedic Associates, I was holding and swimming my little ones! As a forty something, a father and professional in the largest healthcare system in New Jersey, I recommend Doctor Brian Torpey for anyone considering labrum surgery. Last night was the St. Dominic’s father daughter dance and my little ones and I were dancing up a storm thanks to Doctor Torpey. I wrote this letter the very next day. Thank you, Dr. Torpey.
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Liam H.
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