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Dr. Torpey did my Revision rotator cuff surgery, after the 1st one by another orthopedic surgeon let go an anchor after 10 months of pain, rehab and being careful. I am a female in my early 60's so the first shot is always the best. However, I believed in Dr. Torpey for the revision surgery and so far my rehab for 4+ mos. had a good outcome, range of motion and all. Although I feel I may never get the strength back that I had before, God willing I will be painless after a year and be able to go back to my normal activities without worrying I will pull something out again. But it has been a long road, 2 surgeries in one year and all that rehab. My take on Dr. Torpey is that he a very nice, caring person, and a fine doctor.
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Catherine H.
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