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"I had knee pain for many years, but chose to ignore it due to the fact I was very overweight. I assumed any doctor would just look at me and say, "lose weight and you will feel better." Well, I lost over 120 lbs. and still had pain. So I finally sought treatment. I knew a few people Dr. Foos helped and he was highly recommended. After meeting with him, it was decided I needed surgery to repair a torn meniscus and a hole in my cartilage. I was pain free for the first time for as long as I can remember. Fast-forward 2 years, I re-tore the same knee and went back to see Dr. Foos. This time we elected to try a shot of synvisc. It was successful, and I was able to return to my very active lifestyle. I highly recommend Dr. Foos!" -- Daimee M.

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