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"I met with Dr. Johnson the day after rupturing my bicep tendon. He assessed my situation and scheduled surgery for the following afternoon. During the 2 days that passed prior to my surgery, he managed my pain and provided me with a detailed explanation of my injury and the surgery required to repair it. Dr. Johnson took into consideration that I am an avid sports enthusiast. I work out 5 days a week, enjoy golf, and playing men’s softball. The administrative staff worked quickly and efficiently with my insurance carrier to get the necessary approvals for my surgery. On the day of surgery, I was greeted by a staff of medical professionals, who went over the procedure again and made sure that my right arm was clearly identified as the surgical site. Dr. Johnson met me prior to surgery and double-checked the surgical site. If my memory serves me, the procedure took approximately 2 hours and some additional time in the recovery room.
When I awoke from the procedure, the nursing staff was at my bedside, making sure that I was ok and also managing my pain. I left the medical center with a pump that allowed me to inject pain medication right to the site of the surgery. This method was so much better than taking pills.  My wife was also given clear instructions for my post-operative care and she was provided several important phone numbers if there were any questions or complications after I got home. I met with Dr. Johnson one week after my procedure and he confirmed that everything was looking good. I started my rehab a few days later. The rehab took about 3-4 months before I was on my own. During that time, I had several follow up visits with Dr. Johnson. This was a much more significant injury than I initially thought but with the help of Dr. Johnson, the entire medical staff, and my physical therapist I was working out at full strength in about 6 months. I am so grateful to the entire team who cared for me. I would highly recommend this group of professionals to anyone in need of expert medical care. Thanks Dr. Johnson!" -- John B.

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