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"17 years ago, I first saw Dr. Bade following a skiing accident, which injured my left shoulder. Following x-rays, it was determined I had damaged my rotator cuff. Rather than move towards surgery, he recommended I start with physical therapy. He insisted to see if that would solve the problem, bring back my range of motion and ultimately relieve the pain. It worked and I never forgot that option to avoid surgery.
Now nearly 20 years later, I again came to see him for a second opinion. I was experiencing recurring pain in my left hip and another orthopaedic surgeon was recommending a total hip replacement after seeing me one time. Again, Dr. Bade, upon reviewing my x-rays, did not believe surgery was necessary at this stage and that I should begin a process of exercise and therapy to see if I could find relief that way. Here I am, 7 months later and pain free with the old hip. I can't say enough good things about this group!" -- Demarest N.

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