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"I was at my most frustrated point, no one was able to come to a conclusion as to what was "wrong with me," I’ve had over 22 vascular operations, my joints were killing me, and had small tumors in my nerves, along with many other symptoms. Finally my knees were so bad, I could barely make it through a grocery trip, without them buckling and landing on the floor. I was barely in my 30’s. I had 33 mall children, had been searching for answers for over 10 years, most doctors thought I had Lupus, but all tests were always negative. I use to dance, do jazz and ballet, loved the beach, and bike riding all were things of my past. If I dared to take three steps in sand, my knees would literally fold underneath me. I was scared; I had hemorrhaged, come close to dying and had no hope. So yes, this office is an orthopaedic office, but they do more than that, they "listen" and truly care.

Dr. Foos came recommended by 3 different doctors. He tried conservative measures first to strengthen my knees, however, after MRIs and physical therapy, surgery was the next step. I will never forget his words: “Your knee looks like you have played professional football for over 40 years. I did much more extensive work than I planned, which went well and will give you some time. However, you must get it replaced, very soon. I cannot believe, I am telling someone your age this.” In my mid late 30’s, I had both knees replaced, and my left elbow (partially replaced) and he found me a doctor who KNEW WHAT WAS WRONG WITH ME!!! I began treatments, with immune suppressants and both doctors communicate on my case regularly. I walk on the beach, without pain AT ALL. I am now 52, have hardly had much better quality of life, and attended almost all of my son’s soccer games, daughters cheerleading events, and my older son's concerts. This is ALL due to Dr Foo's and Professional Orthopaedic Associates. They care, they listen, and they are amazing at what they do." -- Gina H.

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