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"I had my right knee replaced by Dr. Mark Gesell two years ago this February. I was in complete agony prior to seeing Dr. Gesell. I had two prior meniscus surgeries in both the left and right knee. It really did very little to improve my ability to walk, stand, and deal with the constant pain. I was unable to work, and help out my family financially. I was grocery shopping in the riding cart that stores had available, being pushed in a wheel chair at the mall by my kids, and shopping for everything online. To make matters worse, my best friend was referring to me as "Grandma." Vanity can be a wonderful catalyst. My husband’s health insurance changed, so the orthopedic doctor I was seeing was no longer in my network. I needed to start looking for a new doctor. I had called Dr. Foo’s office, and only one doctor in the practice that took my insurance was Dr. Mark Gesell.
Thank goodness for Dr. Gesell! He did a brilliant job replacing my knee! I have never been so happy that I trusted him to do this surgery. I loved that he had a medical military background, repairing lots of soldier’s knees. I recovered very quickly and have a scare that is so perfect; you really have to look for it when I'm in shorts. Dr. Gesell literally gave me my life back. I work full time now in customer service. I 'm on my feet all the time. I'm back to biking, and pursuing all the things that make me happy.
I can recognize when I see someone walking like I used to walk. I will ask them "Knee?" Nine times out of ten I'm correct and I tell them about a great doctor who really doesn't know the impact he had on my life. Thank you, Dr. Gesell. You healed me. You also bought me 2 years and counting on my left knee. No other doctor will be doing the left knee replacement but you. God, I hope you will accept my insurance!  P.S., Monmouth Medical was amazing!" -- Catherine H.

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