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"I was getting ready for work early a.m. on 12/13. While putting my socks on, something happened to my left hip. I literally could not move an inch in any direction without extreme pain (never felt pain that intense in my life 62 years old). I thought I dislocated or broke the hip. My wife called 5 different orthopaedic offices, and no one would see me that day except Dr. Gentile. I had a walker in the house, was able to make it to the car, and my wife drove to the office.  Not only did Dr. Gentile see me that day, but he did not take my insurance. He said he would accept payment from my insurance, whatever it was, without additional charge to us. He took x-rays and his bedside manner was wonderful. I highly recommend Dr. Gentile!  It took 2.5 months, but with only the medication Dr. Gentile prescribed, the pain in my left hip totally disappeared!! Now I'm very careful whenever I put my socks on." -- David S.

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