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"I suffered with knee pain for quite a long time before being referred to Dr. Foos. He spoke to me, had me have x-rays and a MRI. He found that I had a torn meniscus in my left knee. I had never had surgery before and was nervous to fix my knee. Dr. Foos performed an arthroscopic procedure. Since he helped me, I have not had any pain in my knee at all. He advised me that my right knee also needed the same treatment. The x-rays had shown a slight slanting of both my kneecaps. Two years after my first procedure, he did the same procedure to my right knee. I am grateful for Dr. Foos and all the staff in that office. They were nothing but kind, happy, and reassuring. It was such a great experience that I recommend this practice constantly. I only wish other doctor visits for other reasons were as pleasant. After rehab (with Sheila) within the same practice, I have full range of motion in both my knees. I am one happy and content patient. I work two jobs and I am a single mom, and I thank God for you all for making me better so I can work.  Thank you." -- Maria P.

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