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"August 2013, my 17 year old daughter had a boxers fracture on her right hand.  I searched for 2 days to find a doctor that would take our insurance. I could have taken her to the emergency room, which would have cost over $3000, just to be looked at WITH insurance. Then we would have been told to go to an orthopaedic doctor to reset the hand and cast it.
After being on the internet for 2 days searching for a doctor, I found Professional Orthopaedic Associates at 5:55 in the evening and left a distressing message on the machine. I told them that I needed care for my daughter with this certain insurance, that NO one was taking, or no one was available to see her for 3 weeks! At 6:00, I received a very calming voice on the other end of the phone that they would be able to help us. They had an agreement to take what ever the insurance would give them. The relief was indescribable. We went the next morning at 7:30 am. The office was friendly and very professional. Dr. Johnson was great. He was very professional and very relaxed with my daughter. We laughed about her boxer fracture that is usually a male injury, from hitting a wall. Temper temper. My daughter’s care was outstanding and very professional. I would go back if I needed to any time.
I was nervous that the bill was still going to be high, with one child in college and the next one ready to go to college, our money is being handled very carefully. When I received the final statement from the insurance company of what we owed, which was zero. We paid our co-pays and they stood by what they said and took what ever the insurance company paid.  All I could do was thank God first, and thank Professional Orthopaedic Associates for their generosity and their integrity.  I haven't been able to say THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH, until now. Our experience was a great blessing and a life lesson for my daughter. Never punch a wall when you’re mad." -- Laura S.

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