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"I am so very grateful for my two new knees!! Dr. Foos has given me back my life! It had been years since I was able to exercise the way I wanted to. Now I can walk, bike, do Zumba, and enjoy moving to the music the way I used to. Swimming is still great, but I no longer have to rely on the pool for my only form of exercise. My volunteer work at the Bronx Zoo is no longer painful. There's such a lot of ground to cover, but now I'm happy to be there. This doesn't even cover playing with my grandchildren! It's amazing how much we take for granted, and how we can get used to losing it. It's easy to forget what you loved to do, but it's wonderful to rediscover them again. The care I received was wonderful. Physical therapy took several months, but following "orders" and hard work were definitely worth it. I am thankful every day." -- Susan G.

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