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Jason D. Cohen, MD, FACS

Verified Patient Rating: 5
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  • “I somehow damaged my back many years ago and since, have had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Cohen. Dr. Cohen has detected several areas of damage to my spinal cord, and performed 2 surgeries already with at least another pending. Both of those surgeries with Dr. Cohen have relieved significant pain, against all the fears of "much dreaded back surgery.”  My family and I completely trust and have every bit of confidence in his diagnoses. In addition, I am secure in the decision for future major surgery when the time comes as long as I know he is performing my surgery!  With each visit and surgery, it is comforting and peace of mind dealing with the entire staff at your office! Thank you so much for all that you do!”

    – Lori P.

  • “Had debilitating leg pain due to a ruptured disk in L4/L5 region. As a tennis professional and recreational runner, my life as I knew it was over. Dr. Cohen performed surgery to relieve the pressure on the nerve causing the leg and foot pain. I was able to resume running within a few weeks and actually ran a 2:58 at the Chicago Marathon later that year, along with a personal best of 2:55 at Boston a few months after. Thank you Dr. Cohen. Without you, my running days would have been over!”

    – Bob S.

  • “I had lower-back surgery due to a herniated disc in August of 1999, followed by a breast cancer diagnosis at age 30 that very same year. Although I came through with flying colors, I was discouraged to find out that I had yet another herniated disc in 2011. The thought of more surgery was upsetting so I devoted many hours a week to physical therapy. Unfortunately, the therapies did not alleviate my symptoms. A very dear friend recommended Dr. Cohen to me. I was extremely impressed with him after my first appointment. He reviewed my MRI films with me and explained all of my options. He was extremely patient, professional, and I appreciated his conservative approach. Although surgery was my only real option, I was totally confident with Dr. Cohen performing my surgery. I am happy to say that the end result was fantastic! I am running and exercising again, and I have never been happier! I am in better shape at 45 than I was in my 20’s! A special thanks is extended to Dr. Cohen. I would not ever hesitate recommending him to a friend.”

    – Christine F.

  • “I have been a patient at Professional Orthopaedic Associates since the beginning. I was an original patient of Dr. Bade in the Long Branch office. Dr. Bade has performed three of the five surgeries on my left knee. The other two were performed out of state. Dr. Bade was consulted on both surgeries and both were performed by physicians based on his recommendations. Dr. Jason Cohen performed a C Spine disectomy on me in 2005. Over the years and various other injuries or follow-ups on existing injuries or surgeries, I have been seen by the other doctors in the group and have been very satisfied with all of them.”

    – Frederick S.